Read what some of YoGoreU attendees had to say about the various classes and Chloe as a teacher. For more reviews, head over to the Facebook Page!
I have tried yoga in the past and never did more than 2 classes as I found it unchallenging. I now have a love for yoga thanks to Chloe’s classes! They are challenging and I am never bored! Chloe is very patient and has even taken the time out of class to research into assisting when I was finding a particular position difficult. I really look forward to attending the classes and hope to really progress in yoga! Thanks Chloe!

Having been involved in sports for years I felt limitations and restrictions of movement. After talking with Chloe she said yoga could help. She wasn’t wrong. I have more range of movement than ever plus I feel stronger and healthier since doing yoga. I’ve never taken yoga classes before, but when comparing stories with others who have been elsewhere, mine seem more fulfilling and rewarding.

Just had my first session. Recently had a baby so struggled to return to my old class due to timings. The communication has been fab as has being able to ‘pay as you go’. Great session (done outside due to warm weather – very refreshing). Would definitely recommend. Yoga classes to suit all abilities and made to feel very welcome. Thank you – hope to come again.

After a previous Yoga Teacher leaving I struggled to find a class that was right but I couldn’t recommend Chloe enough. I really look forward to Mondays and can’t wait for the workshop to see what else Chloe has in store for us Yogis!

Amazing class! I had a new-found love for yoga after starting Chloe’s classes. Although relaxation and breathing techniques are still incorporated, I really love that we get to try new poses each week, with different variations to suit every level. I was a beginner when I started the class but with a push where needed and encouragement along the way, I have definitely seen an improvement. I usually take any excuse to get out of gym classes but I genuinely look forward to this one every week – it’s a really fun class and I would definitely recommend.

I have been to Yoga Classes in the past and found them boring and almost fallen asleep, but not this one! Chloe the teacher is fun, warm, welcoming and friendly. She really knows her yoga and you feel like you have had a great workout. I’m 43 and I had never managed to do a headstand in my life  but Chloe showed me how and now I find them easy. Fantastic teacher and a brilliant class. I would highly recommend.

Chloe is a conscientious and knowledgeable instructor. Loved the session and highly recommend! Will 100% be coming back!

I’ve had some brilliant bespoke pregnancy yoga from Chloe to help with the aches of late pregnancy – couldn’t recommend her more!

Chloe is so so lovely and is fab at what she does! Progression is always made and you always have a laugh with her, fabulous class to attend

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for last night! It was fun and a great atmosphere. I absolutely love yoga, I feel like I have a new lease of life since doing it! A lot of it is down to you and your fabulous way with making a hard task seem fun. Thank you again, you’re a star.